Greg Stern

Freelance motion designer

Greg (« Grégoire » as scientists like to call him) is a freelance motion designer born precisely between 1980 and 1990. Specialized in 2D animation, he also thrives in the spheres of editing, VR / 360, visual effects or 3D, depending of the projects and his mood of the day.

He likes white chocolate, video games and talking about himself addressing in the 3rd person.

You will usually find him in his burrow working remotely (in the 2nd district of Paris), but you may also find him in his clients' offices (in or nearby Paris), or in so-called « coworking » spaces, evolving among his peers.

Self-taught by nature, he pursues his relentless quest of creative knowledge by binge watching his daily dose of Tutorials©. He also sprinkles bits of his knowledge by teaching at the IIM school.

Despite all those superpowers, he obtained an Internet and Multimedia Activities diploma in 2006 and an IMAC engineer diploma in 2009.

Greg also made a stop at the BFM Business TV channel as the head of graphic design in 2011, before returning to the shinning freedom lands of freelance from where he'll never come back (which makes him rejoice every day).

About Me — Greg Stern - Motion designer